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SNSD Fashion Girls Generation Style - korean fashion / baju korea - Today we will discuss one of the girlband fashion that is very popular in Korea, and even in the whole world. Who are they? They are SNSD or also popularly known as Girls' Generation. Korean girl band Girls' Generation established in 2007. Speaking of girl bands this one, of course there are many that we can review especially in terms of fashion. Because since coming out in 2007, SNSD has undergone many changes in terms of fashion. That's what makes them a trensetter fashion world, especially in Indonesia. Well, before heading to the fashion issue, you would have to know the names of personnel. Or is it you already know it all? SNSD members are Hwang Mi-Young, Kim Hyo-yeon, Choi Soo-young, Seo Joo-Hyun, Im Yoon-Ah, Jessica Jung (Jung Soo-yeon), Lee Soon-kyu, Kim Tae-yeon, and Kwon Yuri. 

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There are many things that we can talk about Girls Generation, but this time we will discuss fashion they use. One of the advantages of the Girl Band is always look fashionable and simple, but sometimes also interesting and eccentric. They created a separate trend among Korean fans and music lovers in general. One member who is smart enough in choosing clothes is Tiffany. Tiffany said that she had been familiar with fashion since childhood. Various styles of dress they've ever adaptation, for both gigs, photo shoot, and more. Its a sporty fashion korea, colorful, from school children to the theme of European-style royal princess. For those of you who've been a fan of SNSD since the first course was not surprised with the development of their fashion from year to year. Before I go on with this fashion series, allow me to introduce to you each of the member’s profiles so that you will be able to get to know them better. Trust me, I had a hard time memorizing their names and their faces the first time I saw their videos. Anway, so here they are:

Kim Taeyeon
Taeyeon is the eldest as well as the leader of Girl’s Generation. She is also the main vocalist. Blessed with a powerful voice, Taeyeon has participated in several drama OSTs. She’s also considered a kid leader because of her height but what I liked most about her is that she has such a dorky personality that makes her so easily relatable.

Click Taeyeon SNSD Fashion Style

Jessica Jung or Jung Su-Yeon

Jessica Jung was born and raised in America  and since she’s fluent in English, she’s one of the representatives of the group whenever there are international interviews and events along with fellow member, Tiffany. She’s considered as an Ice Princess because of her seemingly cold facade. She seems intimidating at first, but once you get to know her, she can be such a sweetheart.

Sunny Lee or Lee Sun-Kyu

Sunny is known as the aegyo queen. She participated in a reality variety show that showed life in the rural areas of Korea. She’s also active in a lot of projects. I’m also a fan of her voice because it’s very soothing.

Stephanie Hwang or Hwang Mi-Young

Tiffany is my most favorite member of SNSD because of her bright personality and lovely smile. Born and raised in America, she is one of the representatives of the group when it comes to English interviews and other international events.

Click Tiffany SNSD Fashion Style

Kim Hyo-Yeon

Hyoyeon is the main dancer of the group. Her prowess on the dance floor has earned her the title of Dancing Queen. She’s one of the first members that I easily recognized because she resembles  Song Hye Gyo, one of Korea’s famous actresses.

Click Hyoyeon SNSD Fashion Style

Kwon Yuri

Yuri is known as the Black Pearl because she is known for having tanned skin. I personally have no problems with it because I think she’s beautiful and sexy. No matter what the beauty standard says, Yuri is very gorgeous! She’s also good in dancing and has participated in different shows.

Click Yuri SNSD Fashion Style

Choi Soo-Young

Sooyoung is the tallest member of SNSD and I love her cheekbones! She has starred in several shows and the most recent one is the recently concluded drama The Third Hospital. With acting chops like that, I’m sure Sooyoung will go a long way!

Click Sooyoung SNSD Fashion Style

Im YoonA

Yoona is the group’s “face” or visual. She possesses features that is considered as the standard of beauty in Korea. She is also one of the most experienced when it comes to acting since she already has a lot of projects under her belt.

Click Yoona SNSD Fashion Style

Seo Joo-Hyun

Seohyun is the youngest member of SNSD. She is known for being prim and proper. She’s the type of girl that you’d love to introduce to your mom because of her innocent charm.

Click Seohyun SNSD Fashion Style

Thats SNSD fashion style. We hope you get many fashion ideas from SNSD / Girls Generation. Next we will review another korean girl band's fashion. Thank you.

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