Sunny SNSD Fashion Style

Sunny SNSD Fashion Style - korean fashion tips / baju korea online -Today we continue on SNSD fashion member style. I will present to you the third member Girls’ Generation, who goes by the name of Sunny. Sunny is popular for her bright and bubbly persona and her so-called known aegyo. For this article, we will attention more on her sense of fashion style. Yesterday I’ve currently showcased Taeyeon fashion style and Jessica’s fashion styles in this blog and so you can click those links if you want to take a look. Sunny is known as the shortest member of the group. I’m certain that petite ladies (similar to me) can relate to her. Even if you're short, it's possible to create the impression of having a tall stature just by dressed in the right outfits. As we get to learn more about Sunny’s style, I'll discuss with you ideas to make the most out of your height. So here are some sunny's styles.

Sunny is Cute And Preppy

Sunny SNSD Fashion

For beautiful petites like Sunny, short hair is the best way to go. Long hair is likely to make you look shorter. I really like her shorter ‘do now as it makes her look taller and younger. It’s very simple to style since you don’t have to involve many difficult process in order to make it look great since you have less hair to work with. In this picture, Sunny’s hair was done simply with a side braid to highlight her preppy fashion style. When it comes to clothes, high-waist A-Line short skirts make the impression of longer legs. Make an effort to play around with skirts of various patterns and textures. Due to the fact we’re now into the fall/winter seasons, you can put on a pair of black tights underneath. High heeled pumps will give you that extra height. It's also possible to make a few pop of attention in your attire by using colorful belts.

Casual Style

Sunny Fashion Style

You don’t need to lose comfort over fashion in case you are traveling. In this photo, Sunny here is wearing the most simple of sporty/casual outfits and yet she seems to look awesome. A T-shirt, hoodie, cap and sneakers combo is one of the most comfortable items to use. If you are more into the sporty side, you can have different types of hoodies and baseball caps that will make your look a bit more distinctive. Sunny is using a bit of  a feminine hint to her attire by dressed in a backpack with gold highlights.

A Little Color

SNSD Fashion Style

It is possible to get ideas from Sunny’s attire and create it more fall/winter suitable by combining in crucial fall items. For the top, layer a chambray top over the printed shirt. Layer a leather jacket over it and allow the sleeves of the chambray top to peek through the jacket. Change the shorts with a burgundy colored one and wear a pair of tights underneath. A pair of boots will make the look much more fall/winter ready. So you can get the prettiest of heels in your favorite stores.

I hope you get many ideas from Sunny SNSD fashion style. Next we will review Tiffany's fashion style. So styay tune in my baju korea online's blog. 

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